Adivi Managed Services - Commitment & Support

Let us handle your Internet & IT challenges while you focus on core business objectives. You can have a tech-savvy enterprise without unnecessary expense or disruption!

Adivi Corporation helps companies leverage the Internet to provide measurable results. We will help you apply technology effectively in order to increase your bottom line. Real business solutions require real business results.

Adivi’s Managed Services program was created in response to the needs of our increasingly productive economy. With high-speed Internet finally an assumption in even the smallest of offices Adivi is able to leverage benefits of interconnected work environments. By harnessing this power Adivi has devised a centralized, enterprise-class data center with all the greatest features and technologies you would want in an ideal IT department. Then, we allow your physical office to connect with ours via secured, private network connection.

Adivi Managed Services reduces and nearly eliminates the need for traditional servers scattered throughout your organization managed by different parties. Adivi Managed Services also significantly reduces and nearly eliminates costs related to software licensing, keeping skilled personnel on staff, administering and operating the network, and keeping security up-to-date.

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