Adivi Managed Services – Corporate E-mail

Features can include the following:
• Company-branded e-mail service, unlimited usage
• Company will have own e-mail address i.e.
• Web accessible e-mail interface
• Employees will be able to access e-mail from anywhere as long as the they have an Internet connection
• Distribution lists, out-of-office/vacation notification, etc.
• Unlimited aliases, such as ''
• Notify sender/receiver of infected e-mail attachments
• If a received e-mail is infected with a virus, a notification is sent to the receiver to worn them of the potential virus
• Anti-spam controls reduce unsolicited junk e-mail
• Content filters suppress e-mail with inappropriate language
• Forward all or specific e-mail to pager or cell phone
• Operate auto (un) subscribe e-mail newsletters or groups
• Recover accidentally (or intentionally) deleted e-mail
• Recover access to fired/disgruntled employee accounts

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