Adivi Managed Services - Features and Benefits

Adivi Managed Services keep business working at a fraction of the cost while minimizing expense as a predictable, supported, monthly amount that changes with your needs. Adivi Managed Services strategically align all of your required solutions and is derived from enterprise level concepts scaled to meet small business needs.

Adivi Managed Services Features Include:
- Internal and Remote Access Networking
- Network Anti-Virus Protection
- Corporate Email
- Data Archival and System Backup
- Web Services
- Collaboration Services
- Monitoring and Response
- Reporting and Analysis
- System Maintenance
- Technical Documentation
- Technical Support
- …And More!

Adivi Managed Services begins where other IT technicians fear to tread. Adivi’s IT Network Avengers hit your offices ready to get your business up and running, hook you in to the Adivi Data Center, and let you know more about your network than you would even think to ask in the meantime.

How can Adivi help your business grow?

For more information about Adivi Managed Services and how Adivi can help you today, contact us by phone at (312) 676-2400 x202, or email now.