Adivi Managed Services - Internal and Remote Access Networking

Features can include the following:
• Lease of Primary AMS Server
• Lease of Primary VPN Router
• User and group security profile maintenance
• Manage user and group security components
• Secured file storage at each location
• Allow employees to VPN into network drives/printers
• Allow employee access to work system from home
• Allow secure access to data from outside office via the Internet
• Centralized printer configuration and control
• Block & report hacker/malicious user activity
• Internet security firewall & port redirection
• Keeps Internet hackers out and personal data in
• Connect multiple office sites via VPN
• Connect remote offices to mail office via secure Internet connection
• Restrict access to offensive content via Internet
• Restrict unauthorized use (music trading, chat, etc.)
• Backup dialer for critical services when ISP fails
• If the main connection to the Internet fails, a temporary secondary connection can be established until the main connection is repaired

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