Mechanical services firm - thirty employees in two states:
“Adivi Managed Services allows us to have the features and support we couldn’t justify implementing in-house. Without Adivi Managed Services it just doesn’t make sense.”

Employment agency - three locations:
“We’ve been able to eliminate enough services and communications costs to virtually pay for Adivi Managed Services right out of the gate.”

Financial services firm:
“I love how I can obtain immediate support from someone who understands my computers and network better than I do myself.”

Environmental services firm:
“I’ve gotten better support from the guys at the Adivi Data Center than I would have if I parked a guy right at my desk!”

Undisclosed firm:
“We used to hire contractors to fix our network and protect our data, but we never really could be sure how secure we were. Now being sure that our data is safe is just one of the many features we get for a fraction of what I used to pay.”

Accounting firm:
“It’s advantageous to be able to allocate my entire year’s technology budget on January 1st without feeling constrained.”

Real estate firm:
“I love technology, but I hate it. And nobody here is responsible to keep it running - we rely entirely upon Adivi Managed Services and the guys at Adivi.”

How can Adivi Managed Services help your business grow?

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