2021 Trends to Watch

Man working on computer presentationYou're likely in the midst of, or closing out, 2021 planning. To help you with your tech strategy, we've rounded up several 2021 trends from Gartner. Keep reading to see if you are aligned:
    1. AI Engineering - Though many small businesses may not see the need for AI, having a clear strategy around whether or not to adopt this technology is on trend for 2021. Gartner suggested that this strategy should be managed by your Operations team.
    2. Automation - Streamlining some tasks using technological automation is a clear success story for most companies. A 2020 trend, increased automation is on the rise for 2021. Gartner notes that companies without automation will suffer due to inefficiencies. This, however, does not include eliminating your workforce - instead, you should consider arming your employees with technology to help them better do their jobs. Check out our Better Business Series where we recommend technologies to achieve better business for your teams.
    3. Cycle of Experience - This emerging trend uses technology to link customer experience, employee experience, and user experience to impact business outcomes. Take this telecommunications company as an example. Gartner reported, “First, it deployed an appointment system via an existing app. When customers arrived for their appointment and came within 75 feet of the store, they received two things: 1) A notification to guide them through the check-in process and 2) an alert letting them know how long it would be before they could safely enter the store and maintain social distance. The company also adjusted its service to include more digital kiosks and enabled employees to use their own tablets to co-browse customers’ devices without having to physically touch the hardware.”
    4. Cybersecurity - Increase security is going to be a priority for many top tech companies. Cybersecurity Mesh is a new concept that will be widespread in 2021. It relies on identification in order to define security parameters. This will be increasingly important in the remote work environment moving into the new year.
    5. Digital First - In efforts to adapt to the remote work that covid-19 demanded, many companies moved toward a Digital First or Anywhere Operations model. It is important for all companies to continue improving their digital work model. Employees should be able to default to digital work at any time, and businesses should make this possible. We outline several ways to make work from home easier in this blog post.
Do you want to know if your 2021 tech strategies are right for your organization? Contact us. We'd love to help you stay on trend.