Better Business Series: Spotlight on Administration

Two woman using devices at a deskAre you looking to invest in tools to keep you and your team organized? Help your team stay productive so that you can win better business for your organization. We’ve compiled a list of technology tools that our clients use to achieve better business from their team members.

Calendar open on a table with flowersScheduling tools: The importance of managing your meetings may seem to dwindle in a virtual era, however it is still crucial that you and your team show up. We recommend our clients always activate calendar invites for their meetings, whether they are hosted on Zoom, Skype, or Microsoft Teams. This way, even if you don’t have the meeting application open, you will still receive a reminder through your email when it is time to meet.

Time management: Many of our clients use Toggl, a time management tool that allows users to manage a stopwatch from their desktop. This is a great way for employees to monitor their time spent doing various tasks and to stay on track. It can also help Senior Management understand how to prioritize future goals and projects.

Woman taking notesNote-taking tools: Microsoft OneNote is an excellent note management system. Notes can be saved to the cloud so that employees can access helpful information from multiple devices. This is especially helpful during this era of working from home.

File organization tools: GoogleDrive, OneDrive or DropBox are great tools that are used by our clients for file organization. All three platforms have low or no-cost options so that your files can be stored and shared safely without breaking the bank.

Do you want more technology tools to help your employees enhance their productivity? Contact us. We’d love to help you achieve better business by managing your technology solutions.