Better Business Series: Spotlight on Finance

FinanceIn our Better Business Series, we take a look at your Finance department and the tools they can use to help achieve better business. Adivi has experience in managing technology for finance, and we have had success with the following recommendations:

SecuritySecure your devices
To start, you’ll want to make sure your data entry and processing is secure. It is best practice to use systems that employees can access via Single Sign-On or Multi-Factor Authentication (MFA) so that all company financial data is password protected. Check out our post on secure browsing where there is more information on security.

Financial softwareFinancial accounting software
Adivi recommends utilizing accounting software like QuickBooks for easy financial processing. QuickBooks is a full-service accounting package. Using customizable dashboards, you can easily configure financial insights that fit the needs of your stakeholders.

ExpensesExpense processing software
Though many small businesses can manage expenses with checks and in-person reimbursement, it may be useful to set-up online expense processing. One example is Expensify. It makes it easy for employees to process expenses and submit them to your finance team for review. Managers can approve the expenses and employees will be notified of their reimbursement approval and timing through the application.

For more information on programs, tools, and best practices to help your Finance team, contact us. We’d love to help you manage your finance technology.