Better Business Series: Spotlight on HR

Spotlight on HRIn the third installment of our Better Business series, we take a look at the Human Resource technologies available to help streamline employee benefits, onboarding and productivity. We’ve gathered free and low-cost services that can set your HR department up for success, using technology to enhance employee performance.

Follow these three tips to provide the best human resource technologies to your employees:

Employee information siteLaunch internal employee information sites:
How do you showcase all the company information you have available to your employees? Build custom sites for your business unit groups so each department has access to shared resources. High-value documents, links, and organizational charts can be posted for quick lookups and references. Some of our favorite, low-cost site builders include:

  • Squarespace
  • SharePoint

Financial softwareUtilize online benefits and compensation tools:
Your employees will thank you for making their compensation and benefits information available to them at all times. This will free up a lot of HR time spent answering questions that can be found online. Use the following tools to store employee benefits information:

  • TriNet
  • Paylocity

File storageAggregate documents onto an online storage program:
Consider implementing an online data storage site to house all of your working documents. This can include forms, processes, and company policies. This way, important data can be accessed from anywhere. Be sure to protect the files with employee credentials and passwords. We utilize the following sites with many of our clients:

  • OneDrive
  • Box
  • Dropbox

If you want more information on setting your HR department up for success, contact us. We’d love to help make IT feel more human.