Cybersecurity checkup

Woman working on computerIn recent months, threats to cybersecurity have increased. Your business has to manage its company network, as well as the networks of your employees. How can you ensure your technology can stand up to a cyber attack? Keep reading to learn how you can protect your data and boost your security:

1)Avoid pop-ups and unknown emails
One of the most important things you can do to mitigate security risks is to cautiously monitor your email senders. If something looks phishy, it probably is. Phishing emails are one of the most successful hacking tools. Always triple check that the sender email is a trusted source. Similarly, do not click on any link that pops up in your internet browser, or that looks suspicious in an email. It is best practice to hover over each hyperlink and review the destination before you click.

2)Use strong passwords
Always choose passwords that are hard to crack. The most secure passwords are phrases, broken up by numbers and symbols. You should never write down your passwords on a device that could get lost or stolen. Instead, keep track of passwords in apps like Passcode. This will ensure your data stays safe.

3) Consider multi factor authentication
In addition to strong passwords, consider deploying multi factor passwords on your devices and networks. This requires two forms of identification, so if the first password were to be hacked, you are at least protected by a second form of authentication. Many large corporations utilize multi factor techniques, and we believe it to be useful for small business that want to be extra vigilant in protecting their information.

4)Arm your mobile device with the same secure measures as your computer
Many of us utilize our mobile devices to access the work applications and software. It is important that you protect the data on your phone in the same way you do your computer. Consider using a text-based, or six character number password on your mobile phone for maximum protection.

5)Consult with IT security specialists
Perhaps the easiest way to ensure your data is protected is to work with an IT specialist who can run tests on all your devices and networks. To schedule a consultation, contact us below.

If you would like to learn more about cybersecurity safety measures, contact us. We'd love to help you secure your business.