Adivi Managed Services begins where other IT technicians fear to tread. Adivi’s IT Network Avengers hit your offices ready to get your business up and running, hook you in to the Adivi Data Center, and let you know more about your network than you would even think to ask in the meantime.

Internal and Remote Access Networking

Features can include the following:
• Lease of Primary AMS Server
• Lease of Primary VPN Router
• User and group security profile maintenance
• Manage user and group security components
• Secured file storage at each location
• Allow employees to VPN into network drives/printers
• Allow employee access to work system from home
• Allow secure access to data from outside office via the Internet
• Centralized printer configuration and control
• Block & report hacker/malicious user activity
• Internet security firewall & port redirection
• Keeps Internet hackers out and personal data in
• Connect multiple office sites via VPN
• Connect remote offices to mail office via secure Internet connection
• Restrict access to offensive content via Internet
• Restrict unauthorized use (music trading, chat, etc.)
• Backup dialer for critical services when ISP fails
• If the main connection to the Internet fails, a temporary secondary connection can be established until the main connection is repaired

Network Anti-Virus Protection

Features can include the following:
• Workstation anti-virus real-time protection
• Continual definition file updates
• Constant update of new virus protection
• Proactively address unresponsive/unprotected systems
• Non-responsive workstation monitor & alert
• If a system is not auto-updating and protecting itself from new viruses we will find the problem and repair the system to ensure virus protection
• Late-breaking virus alert & response countermeasures

Data Archival and System Backup

Features can include the following:
• Adivi Managed Services Server run-state and network data directories
• Backups are created for the operating system and all programs of the server and all network data directories
• Local data directory backups - specified client stations
• Selected folders/directories on PC’s will be backed-up
• Complete client system (run-state) backups
• Operating system and all programs on PC’s can be backed-up
• Minimum network storage drive plus backup allocation
• Initial amount of space available to house backed-up files and folders
• Remote restoration of archived files or directories

System Maintenance

Features can include the following:
• Monitor individual systems' health and status
• Protect against poorly secured file shares
• File sharing is configured so that the only data that should be shared is shared
• Continually install software upgrades and patches
• Remotely install, configure, and troubleshoot programs
• Detect crashed/malfunctioning programs/services

Monitoring and Response

Features can include the following:
• Network event monitoring and response (Micro: 9-5 M-F) to (Enterprise: 24x7x365)
• Critical alert response and escalation
• Monitoring and response run book procedures
• Trouble ticketing and resolution tracking

Reporting and Analysis

Features can include the following:
• Core subscription/consumption service billing analysis
• Network utilization & efficiency analysis
• External access sessions by user and method
• Security event report & analysis
• Virus, backup, fax, Web services, etc.
• Customer intelligence reporting - public Web sites
• Change reports - Infrastructure, Web, System

Technical Documentation

Features can include the following:
• LAN/WAN diagrams, IP schemas, etc.
• Office maps, user/system/desk locators, etc.
• Technical identity configuration (domains, DNS, etc.)
• Monitoring and response operations plan

Technical Support

Features can include the following:
• Access to help desk support hotline with live agent
• Administrative/tech support services (in or out), monthly
• Admin/tech support hours rollover to subsequent months
• Third-party intervention (TPI) for ISP's etc., monthly
• Access to frequently asked questions (FAQ) help site
• Training/assistance via real-time system interaction
• Ask support agent questions via e-mail, chat, IM

Ensure Critical Work
is Done Right the First Time

Additional Services Includes

Corporate E-mail

Features can include the following:
• Company-branded e-mail service, unlimited usage
• Company will have own e-mail address i.e.
• Web accessible e-mail interface
• Employees will be able to access e-mail from anywhere as long as the they have an Internet connection
• Distribution lists, out-of-office/vacation notification, etc.
• Unlimited aliases, such as ''
• Notify sender/receiver of infected e-mail attachments
• If a received e-mail is infected with a virus, a notification is sent to the receiver to worn them of the potential virus
• Anti-spam controls reduce unsolicited junk e-mail
• Content filters suppress e-mail with inappropriate language
• Forward all or specific e-mail to pager or cell phone
• Operate auto (un) subscribe e-mail newsletters or groups
• Recover accidentally (or intentionally) deleted e-mail
• Recover access to fired/disgruntled employee accounts

Server Installation

Physically install and configure network servers

Workstation Installation

Physically install and configure desktop and laptop workstations

Help Desk Dispatch

Physically respond to help desk request for service

Web Services

Each Adivi Managed Services client enjoys the dual benefit of being close to Adivi Corporation, a full-service application development and network services company.

Features can include the following:
• Web & FTP hosting
• Basic Web site design (one-time four hour service)
• DNS server hosting and maintenance
• Promote Web sites within popular search engines
• Domain name registration/expiration monitoring
• eCommerce site hosting
• Media servers, audiovisual web cast/on demand

Network Service Configuration

Install functional business services for use throughout network

Communications Cabling

Install new or reconfigure existing site wiring for network use

Collaboration Services

Features can include the following:
• Internal, company-branded collaboration forum
• Document management system
• Secure, company-internal instant messaging/chat

Network Installation

Configure systems and equipment for interoperability

System Upgrade & Repair

Repair, maintain and upgrade servers, workstations, etc.

Adivi Managed Services keep your business working at a fraction of the cost while minimizing expense as a predictable, supported, monthly amount that changes with your needs and strategically align all of your required solutions and is derived from enterprise level concepts scaled to meet small business needs.

Commitment & Support

Let us handle your Internet & IT challenges while you focus on core business objectives. You can have a tech-savvy enterprise without unnecessary expense or disruption!

Adivi Corporation helps companies leverage the Internet to provide measurable results. We will help you apply technology effectively in order to increase your bottom line. Real business solutions require real business results.

Adivi’s Managed Services program was created in response to the needs of our increasingly productive economy. With high-speed Internet finally an assumption in even the smallest of offices Adivi is able to leverage benefits of interconnected work environments. By harnessing this power Adivi has devised a centralized, enterprise-class data center with all the greatest features and technologies you would want in an ideal IT department. Then, we allow your physical office to connect with ours via secured, private network connection.

Adivi Managed Services reduces and nearly eliminates the need for traditional servers scattered throughout your organization managed by different parties. Adivi Managed Services also significantly reduces and nearly eliminates costs related to software licensing, keeping skilled personnel on staff, administering and operating the network, and keeping security up-to-date.

How can Adivi help grow your business?

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