Internet of Things Era: Ways to disconnect

Computer screenIn the age of the Internet, everything is connected. It seems you are never far from a screen – whether it be your mobile device, tablet, work computer, or personal laptop. Connection is important, especially for business. However, technology fatigue is real. We’ve had many discussions with clients about ways to take screen breaks while ensuring business gets done. With Adivi 24/7 maintenance, you can step away from your screens and know that your network and technology is still doing its job.

Here are some of our productivity tips for when you need a break:

Person walking on a leafy bridgeGet up and move. Take a 5-10 minute walk around the block and get the blood flowing back into your legs.

Invest in a comfortable office chair. Not only are our eyes and minds fatigued, so are our bodies. The “Desktop Hunch” has become a default position for many of us. Fear not, there are many supportive and core-enhancing office chairs you can find to correct this posture and improve productivity.

Person writing at deskSet aside time for writing. Allow some of your strategic planning, budgeting, and copywriting to start with pen and paper, then take it to the screen to publish. Writing can be a cathartic break for your eyes and mind.

Take your calls outside. Meetings used to be a reprieve from screens, but now we’re often staring at colleagues through them. Instead, take your calls from your phone and walk and talk. Not only is walking shown to improve conversation, but you can enjoy the fresh air and a fresh perspective.

Digital calendar on deskSet it and forget it. There are many wonderful business technologies that allow you to perform some tasks away from the computer. Need to download weekly reports? Need to send scheduled emails? Want to pull monthly payroll updates? Instead of manually performing some of your digital tasks, allow technology to do that work for you so you can take a break. Adivi can help determine which tools are right for your company.

Do you want to take more screen breaks throughout your day? Adivi can help by monitoring your technology and finding business technology tools to increase productivity. Contact us. We’d love to help you disconnect.