Maintaining a healthy network connection

Network ConnectivityHow can you make the most of your Internet connection? And what happens if you’re periodically losing it? We’ve got answers. Here are a few tips and tricks to ensuring you have speedy access to the Internet:

Programs  Run necessary programs
For faster speed (and more productivity) try to eliminate launching multiple programs at the same time. For example, some streaming sites may slow down other browsing functions. Limit your Internet usage by running only necessary programs and you should experience the maximum speed of browsing, downloading, and computing.

ConnectivityConnect and disconnect
If you are experiencing issues with your computer’s WiFi connection, always start by disconnecting from the WiFi. Refill your coffee, come back and start it up again. Sometimes your WiFi needs a coffee break, too.

SwitchCheck the PC Toggle
Some PC’s have a toggle on the exterior of the device to turn “on” the access to WiFi. In some cases, the toggle can inadvertently switch to "off", making your device unable to read the WiFi connection. Check to ensure the switch is toggled “on”.

PowerPower on and off
If you are still experiencing connectivity issues, power off your Internet modem/router and let it rest for at least 30 seconds. Then, power back on and let it start up again. After about 10 minutes, see if your device is now able to connect to WiFi.

If you have any questions about network providers or recommendations for constructing a healthy network, contact us. We’d love to help get your WiFi connection up to speed.