Adivi Managed Services acts as an extension of Adivi's IT department. The presence of Adivi Managed Services allows our technology and personnel to provide an enterprise-class network infrastructure. The AMS Server acts as translator between your network and ours to handle all the business over the wire as if our network were physically inside your office but what about the security?


On the surface it may seem as if you are opening your network up to be “visited” by parties outside your organization. Firstly, know that Adivi Managed Services can be configured with a “programmable level of paranoia” to allow as much or as little visibility from our data center as you choose. Some of our clients choose to begin their relationship with Adivi with what we call a “hands off” configuration – where we have no visibility or control over the client network at all. But soon they realize the benefits of setting up a trust relationship with us to allow for Adivi to keep things running smoothly around the clock.

We realize that not every small business is the same, which is why we approach every Adivi Managed Services engagement with your specific needs in mind. Adivi offers Micro, Standard, and Enterprise versions of Adivi Managed Services for the small office network with 5-100 employee PC terminals. The Adivi Managed Services solution is scalable to each of these sizes based on your need and grows according to the size of your business, your budget, and your usage of consumption services on a regular and irregular basis when you may be in peak seasons.


Often when organizations attempt to keep everyone out of their network, the result is they do not know where their security may already be compromised. In most cases, it’s better to allow a trusted party into your environment, one who will be accountable for keeping all un-trusted parties out. Only through this type of structured arrangement can you be sure that your network is truly secure.

How can Adivi help your business grow?

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