Managed Services

Enabling small businesses to leverage enterprise level IT services and technology without the burden of ownership.


Giving business professionals
peace of mind while we keep things running smoothly around the clock and keep un-trusted parties out.

Reduce Expenses

Enjoy the same benefits of a traditional in-house IT department for only a tiny fraction of the cost.


How does it work?

Adivi's Managed Services solution allows organizations large and small to utilize technology and increase efficiency, extend capacity and promote a professional image to the public. Our technology and personnel provide an enterprise-class network infrastructure through the Internet for less than the cost of hiring one IT support person. You can have all the features of a room filled with servers operating under the careful watch of Adivi's team of engineers, administrators and support personnel. The AMS Server acts as translator between your network and ours to handle all the business over the wire as if our network were physically inside your office.

Who supports my network users?

With round the clock monitoring, our team watches over your network to ensure that the overall computing experience is as smooth as possible. When any one of our thousands of pre-configured and custom-configured error conditions appears within your network, we receive an alert which is then relayed to the client or our network engineer for preemptive maintenance or rectification. Subscribers receive a monthly statement itemizing the multitude of administrative tasks we have been performing for you throughout the month.


One of our greatest features is the Adivi Managed Services help desk. So many corporate computer users are reluctant to ask for help because they feel that their problem is not “important” enough to distract their IT personnel from their other duties or to schedule help from an external contractor. Our help desk and support forums provide many ways for users to request and obtain immediate answers – and it’s all included in the basic subscription.

Get your personal IT team today!

For more information about Adivi Managed Services and how Adivi can help you today, contact us by phone at (312) 676-2400 x202, or sending a message