Technology improves employee experience

Employees in officeWhether your employees are back in an office or not, it is important to stay up-to-date on the best technology tools to improve your employee experience. Employee retention is important, and one way to ensure your people like where they work is to enhance their lives with business technology. We’ve compiled a list of our favorite office-place technology here, for if and when you return to your office:

  • Automated concierge services – Help your employees feel comfortable and at home in the office. Whether they need extra sanitization, more space to work, reservations for a meeting room, or a beverage, utilize automated concierge services to help get their requests processed. Arm your employees with a contact-free process through the use of an app to request these services. Follow up with us to find the best application for your company.
  • Building identification authorization – With health and safety at the forefront of many executive boards, your company needs to make sure it is doing its part to make employees' access to office buildings clean and secure. Consider utilizing voice-activated entrance unlocking, or keycard fabs that do not need to make contact with other surfaces.
  • Device transfers – At the beginning of summer 2020, many businesses had to equip their employees with new, portable devices, or else outfit personal devices with company software. To ensure employees have a safe, seamless transition back to the office, invest in HDMI connectors so that employees can plug their laptops into their desktop screens. This will provide better performance through the use of bigger screens. Also, by using their own laptop keyboards, employees can decrease the number of surfaces they interact with once back in the office.
  • Mail systems – Many companies already use mail sorting and update apps such as Envoy or Salesforce. It is recommended that office spaces safely alert employees of new packages or mail items via an application so that contact with others is limited.
  • Phone systems – Help your employees have a seamless transition from home to the office with the use of VOIP phone systems. Check out our post on the benefits of VOIP systems here.

Do you want to learn more about ways you can use business technology to make your workplace better? Contact us. We'd love to help your employees love where they work.