Transitioning your tech to Adivi

Team working on computersDo you want to centralize your tech services, but are you fearful of the transition timeline? Many small businesses have decentralized technology solutions, or multiple service providers managing different tools and services. Sound like you?

Instead of having disparate companies owning different portions of your technology tools, here’s how you can bundle your services with Adivi. The transition is simple, so we thought we’d walk you through just how easy it is:

Step one: First, Adivi consultants learn the lay of your technology. We set up meetings with you to learn about your existing technology. Here, we determine if your data back-up is sufficient or if we need to execute the Adivi AMS back-up. There is no disruption to your technology.

Step two: Then, you grant Adivi administrative access to your employee devices, systems and network. At this point, you immediately get access to Adivi's support center and 24/7 maintenance.

Step three: Next, Adivi processes your data and existing technology and implements the Adivi AMS service. This step takes from one to three business days with minimal to no disruption to your business activities.

Step four: Finally, your business technology is transitioned and you are ready to get to work. Not only is your technology managed by the A-Team, you now always have someone to call to answer any questions or troubleshoot any issues with no finger-pointing.

Do you want to bring all of your technology tools and services under one provider? Contact us. We’d love to help you centralize your resources.