Trick or treat: Spam email best practices

Email application on an iphoneWe’re all a little wary of marketing emails these days. Most brands are trying to provide insight or solutions to our problems. However, there are some emails we just don’t have time to read, and they may even distract us from our regular business emails. In this world of virtual communication, it is important to weed out the tricks from the treats:

Trust your sender email addresses: Many bots will acquire email addresses that utilize numbers to differentiate them. Always be sure to check that the “From” address is someone trustworthy, prior to opening an email. You don’t want any bots or phishers to gain access to personal or company information via email.

Distinguish sender name from the email address: Be wary of senders posing as your work colleague. It is not uncommon for email users to find messages from senders with names that resemble company CEOs or CTOs, but their address does not match. Never open emails from addresses you don’t know, even if the sender's name looks familiar.

Double-check subject lines: Have you ever read a subject line that contained “urgent”, “hurry,” or “act fast” or “limited time”? Usually, these types of places are trying to sell you something or claim that your attention is needed immediately. While you may be open to pursuing the sale at your favorite store, it’s best to double-check the sender on these emails.

Clear your junk folder regularly: We recommend periodically checking your junk mail folder to clear out any suspicious emails. This is also a good opportunity to set rules in your inbox for what constitutes “junk” to you.

Woman using phone applicationBe mindful of links: It’s best practice to hover your mouse over hyperlinked text in emails so that you can preview where the link is going to take you. This way, you can be sure you are being taken to a reputable site and not clicking on a virus.

If you would like to learn more about email best practices, contact us. We’d love to help you avoid tricky emails and stick to the treats.