So you’ve logged onto your computer and something isn’t working properly. Now what? Don’t panic. There are many classic troubleshooting practices you can employ in your tech solutions. While sever problems will require the help of a tech consultant, there are a few secret tips you can do on your own to resolve more minor issues. We’ve uncovered a few below:

The number one solution you can try is to restart your computer. Every now and then, devices will fail to start-up properly, losing basic functions that could send you spiraling. Don’t fret, simply restart and let your computer wake up from the beginning.

Kill programs that are slow
Practice this function to quit out of programs that are slowing down your computer.

Systems check
Ensure that all apps are installed properly and all updates have been carried out. We now know the importance of updating your computer. If you are experiencing issues, check to see if your device is running the latest versions of all programs.

Power off for 10-minutes
Give your computer a break. If you’re like most, you may not be shutting down your computer enough, if at all. Power down completely and allow your device to take a breather. Make a coffee, go for a walk, come back and restart and see if any improvements have been made.

Check your network
Issues with WIFI connectivity may be slowing down or disabling basic functions. While your computer is desperately vying for connection, it may be closed off to working on other programs. Disconnect from WIFI for 10 seconds and reconnect to ensure your computer can focus on other issues.

Do you have more specific questions related to the issues you are experiencing? For more solutions, helpful advice, and tips to improve your device, contact us. We’d love to help you fix IT.